Saturday, December 14, 2013

FinScooter DVD rundown with Helmeri Pirinen

Our Finnish bros have been working on a full length DVD for the past two years and it's finally complete!  I  haven't had the chance to watch it yet but I was lucky to witness some of the footage before it came out and I gotta say it was really refreshing to see the originality from these dudes!  I caught up with Helmeri to ask him more about the DVD and what went into the making of it.  

How long did you film for the FinScooter DVD?

We filmed this DVD over two years. We all are living far away from each other so it has been really hard to get everyone together and film. This whole project has been so great and it has been awesome to film and chill with the whole team. We filmed this with many sd cameras and we had about 10 filmers. Huge thanks to all!

Who has parts?

Antti Karppinen, Oliver Teder, Otto Märkjärvi and I have full parts.

Whose part is your favorite?

To be honest I can't choose my favorite part. Otto has edited the whole movie so good. Every part has personality and the music fits perfectly. We all have also very different style so it's hard to choose the best part.

Who put the most work into their part?

Everyone did great job there but I think that Antti had footage for two full parts or something haha. I have to give him some credit for that. Sometimes one single clip took almost few hours to get it done but no one didn't give up ever. Great guys indeed.

What kept you guys motivated in the harsh Finnish winters?

Good question! The winter is almost 6 months long here and it's impossible to ride outside during that time. Luckily we have our own indoor park now. During winter you can choose between ice hockey and beer. The beer was our 
choice haha.

Was it FinScooter beer?

Definitely it was! Without that magic drink we would't be able to survive. 100% real stuff!

How long is the video?

Total length is approximately 32min but Otto made super work with the editing so the movie feels like 5min long. Everything just works there and the feeling is so intense.

Why should we, the American people, be stoked to see it?!

Well in this movie we want to show how we see scootering. For us it's not competing or trying to be better than someone else. We just enjoy ride together and this is one big part of our life. Hopefully this DVD will help to open some eyes.  
Nowadays you can search good videos on Youtube so easily and it's not profitable to make dvd's anymore. That's a shame because in my opinion dvd is one of the best ways to build our culture around scootering. Hopefully kids will respect companies who put the effort for those huge projects. I'm sure that older riders will always understand the meaning of these but I'm not sure what younger riders think.
So yeah we offer you 32min street movie filmed with SD cameras and I promise that the footage is pure gold haha. You all should see this.

Any bonus features on the DVD?

Yes we have an extra montage there. It's a mix of our team riders, our flow-team riders and friends. You will see some clips for example from Matt McKeen, Alex Peasley, Johann Moreau, Coedie Donovan, Flavio Pesenti, Travis 
House, Madis Kukk... heh the list is long.

What’s next for FinScooter?

We will just chill few weeks now and then we start to plan our Winter Jams. It will be organized at our indoor park Valli and it will be held probably in February or March. You guys will see some edits from our team for sure and of course we will surprise you all somehow next year.
Finally I want to thank all the riders, filmers and other people who have helped us to make this project happen. Our sport needs these culture pieces for keeping the whole puzzle together. Keep shredding and have fun!



Be sure to add the FinScooter DVD to your collection, this one is a keeper!

- McKeen

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Philly Files Coming Soon!

Sorry for the lack of real updates , we've been caught up in trying to put out our first full length video, The Philly Files.  If you're an east coast native you can understand how fucked it is trying to finish a video in the midsts of winter.  It's in the final stages though, a few clips here and there, a little editing and you will all have your minds wasted after viewing our urban masterpiece.  Here's some recent flicks for shameless self promotional purposes.  

By the way, don't think we're slowing down.  We have many evil mastermind plans for the upcoming 2014.  You will back.

- McKeen

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hella Broke with George Justiniano


It's been awhile since we've posted a gnarly bail and this time it happens to be the most gruesome one yet.  Our good "Hella Grip" homie George Justiniano slammed over the summer trying to slide this burly rail.   George also has no health insurance so that's another chiller for this video.  In light of this shitty situation, Hella Grip has decided to sell special sheets in order to help George pay for his medical bills.  See the photo below for more details then head to 

I've known George for ages, super rad human being, help da homie out!

- McKeen

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marvin Erse Edit/Interview

Marvin is a good friend of ours who just droped his first edit, i met him before he scootered n he was chill as fuck to hang out with n always down to get rowdy. so of course i was stoked to see him pick it up the next time i went to visit. always a good guy to have in the crew durring them gnarly seshs to get the stoke going! I Recently dropped him a few questions to hear what he had to say!

what up marvin, hows it been going dude?!?!

Pretty good dood ! "DAR" as we say here !

how long have you been shredding for now and what got you into it

Damn that's a hard one.. since i'm 19, i'm now 23 so it's now 4 years if i'm good ! I wasn't doing any sport for like 2 years, was looking for something steezy. I always was on xtreme sport, and naturlly i turned into scootering. You know, 2 wheels it's like a small motor bike dood ! And mostly because of a gnarly friend I have, I see him shred and grind our hometown

you enjoy having a dialed scooter at all times but you also roll some dialed spliffs. whats the secret to those ever lastings splifs?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH !! first when I set up my scoot I'm so focus, I got to get it dialed dood. So it's basicly the same with all those spliffs haha Good dexterity dood. Nothing better than a Dialed scoot and a well rolled G.

hook me up with one of those heavy french rap songs
show buisness - Ideal J

get a metro pass yet or still hopping the subway like a boss?

I dont need to hop them dood, I just walk over it.

most fustrating trick you always try but can never get it to work.

Fs 50-50 hardway 180.

secret to fs smiths?

I will never tell.

what about the secret to friendship?

Sincerity, communication, talk about everything "no black topic list"

secret to fun?

Listen Disco music sometimes.

whaaatt about the secret of chilling?

Friends, grass

anymore secrets?

Raging Mental. I couldn't ride that much without my brother Johann Moreau. Big thanks to Matt Mckeen, Alex Peasley, Michael Cajas and JD who gave me my first Addict deck. They all are fucking comics character. If it would have been a " Joe Bar Team " comic they'll will be the main character haha !


Monday, November 4, 2013

Addict Scooters Winter Update

Hey all,
It's been awhile since we've given you some news. You may have heard some rumors already but now it's time for the official announcement.

Firstly, Maxime “Le Baron” Legrand will no longer be a part of Addict. He's chosen to ride a different path and we wish him luck where ever he may land.  This might bum some of you out but with bad news there's always some good.  We're officially announcing a new shredder to our crew. Tobias Mayer, he is Austrian, you probably heard of him..wait to see his welcome edit. 

Also you've probably noticed that we are testing new parts. We can't give an exact release date at the moment but rest assured we're shredding hard & you will be stoked
on the new product line!! New parts means new sig parts, colors, graphics, soon as the testing is complete we'll give you an update ;)

Check out Matt testing the Blacksmith deck 

Lots of new projects in the works! Looking forward to this coming year, thanks for all your support! Keep shredding!!  Check out our facebook (Addict Scootering) page/instagram @addictscootering for more informations/flicks.
-Johann Moreau, Addict Big Ol’TM

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

John the Rippa

Matt McKeen - Heelwhip Boardslide 

Inspired by my cat (Little John) who we believe to be a reincarnation of Jack the Ripper, here's a new ad for shred's sake.  Big thanks to Rudy Garcia for taking this photo & bringing me to this spot.  Always wanted to hit this rail.  Check out his other flicks on instagram @rudygarciaphotography !!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Matt Thom Interview! By Travis House

We all heard of this man, one of the geniuses behind the good ol rider owned company TSI but not much to know about him other then his radd nickname Thomcat. Travis Recently moved over to work beside him for TSI, we were shooting the shit and travis told me how much crazy stuff he see's and heres from thomcat. I couldnt just keep it for myself so i had to ask travis to get a interview for us and kill er. So here it is! The thomcat interview with geust interviewer Travis House.

Matt Thom aka Thom Cat is one of the most youthful almost-50-year-olds that has ever existed. His energy mixed with his passion to create make up for one colorful character to be around. When I ride with him it’s not uncommon to hear him bellow “Yesssssss” across the skate park because he landed something new, or hard for him. He gets what it means to love to ride and progress and the man is now a Grandfather. When we come across a problem in the shop as I’m talking about the issue he has already thought up something he can make to solve the problem, it’s unreal. Thom Cat truly is one of scooter riding’s key figures and this is his story. 

So I know you got started in extreme sports early on, you skated right? When was that?

   When the big skateboarding boom in the 70’s… 1976 I was 12 years old and I just got back to school in September and every kid had a skateboard, those banana boards… all plastic banana boards like GT’s, Continental’s… Things like that. A friend of mine had a Skateboarder Magazine on the bus and I never seen anything like that before. I looked though the magazine and saw Bonsai’s and G&S Fiber Flex… Some of the early boards in the middle of the development that industry. I saw things like Bennett and Tracker Trucks… Gull wings, you know. I subscribed to Skateboarder Magazine right away…me and my brother would get that Skateboarder Magazine and my brother was a better skater than I was…

You were the underdog?

   Yeah I mean he was older than I was and he also had more balls. We built a quarterpipe in the front yard and that’s all we did I mean, I went to school and than I skated. I’d skate to school sometimes… We lived on a mountain and I would sit down on my board and pretty much Luge down the hill, 40mph using my army boots to slow me down.

   Skateboarder magazine, it was all about Dogtown and the development of the skateboard and everything back then because it wasn’t all wooden skateboards… It was fiberglass, it was aluminum, it was plastic, it was wood… It was all those elements and nobody really knew what the skateboard was going to turn into… And it all turned into plywood pretty much (laughing) you know as a standard. Which is basically what I’m trying to do with scooters, I’m trying to come up with the standard that everything is based off of. No gimmicks or any kind of “special features” other than what the standard is set to be, like the early skateboards trying to guess what it’s going to be.

And now you ride a scooter/what do you get from riding?

    In the beginning what I got from it was fear, straight fear (laughing) I got a scooter and the first thing I did was fall down… I went over a hip and I fell down, broke my thumb, injured my knee and the next day we were at CooterCon 7 limping around, I couldn’t even walk… I mean after a while I started to develop more confidence and KC would make me ride every day and I developed a rider mentality that I think is necessary to run a scooter company. We would go to different parks all the time, every day we would ride something. In the winter we would snow scooter, we would always ride. Now I’m getting older and it’s not as easy to do…

But you’re still progressing! You’re still learning shit!

    I can still do it but riding 3 different parks in a day… I don’t know. One day me and KC ended up in Tualatin skatepark, it’s like a baby park. I had the time of my life there though. Some kid comes up to me and asks me if he could ride my scoter and I say “sure can I ride your skateboard?” and I got on his skateboard and I realized right then and there that it was just awful. It felt terrible to me, I mean after all these years I’ve worshiped skateboarding… it wasn’t what it was suppose to be… I mean it’s not like flowing the parks on a scooter. It really isn’t. You can flow the parks way faster from bowl to bowl, you’re flying… I don’t know, I get high on it, I really do. (laughter) Some days are better than others, someday I’m not feeling it and I have no balls…

And some days you do the back D!

   (laugher) yeah some days I feel like I’m 30 again!

I’ve heard you say this before in describing TSI, what does it mean to have “respect” for the rider?

     Well it’s about the “Razor” image you know. Razor, Micro over in Europe… The image that scooters were just a toy. I mean it just like skateboards. Skateboard were just a toy when I first started skating, all plastic, all toys. The image evolved to a real hardcore sport, it wasn’t a toy anymore. For scooters I wanted to portray the same thing. The seriousness that this is real, this is a sport, this is to be taken seriously. The exact opposite of a little kid riding around the park being called “gay” and I’ve heard it. You ride by them and they yell out “Scooters are gay!” I don’t know if it’s to get attention or whatever but it was my objective to change that opinion. You can only do that with high quality products that people like and that’s what I wanted to make, the scooters the professionals would ride. I mean KC was a pro at the time going to Planet X games in Australia, Japan and all over the US and there was competitions like CooterCon going on and it was time to make a product that Professionals would ride.

How far does it go when you say Handmade? I know the FlowMasters had to be.

    Yeah right here in my garage, on my table saw. I made thousands of them, all hand cut right here and I sent them over to a guy who welds in his garage and he would weld them as fast as I would cut ‘em. We had my whole family in the garage… My daughter, my wife, my daughters friends were all drilling holes and putting in pop nuts and sanding decks. I mean it was all hand made, everything was… Well minus the headtube itself obviously, got that done at a local machine shop

You make profit at that point, did you pay yourself?

   (laughter) no I was just trying to build capital, the first year was great. I was basically turning around the money and putting it in to doing larger production runs, I was trying to satisfy the need for an aftermarket deck… but the second year after all the competition came on the market sales started to drop and by the end of the second years our sales didn’t exist anymore and we had to do something to save the company. The FlowMaster wasn’t it anymore, the Scepter bar wasn’t taking off and Thom Cat forks never really was a big seller.

So in comes the flight deck?

   Yeah it was the deck that KC had designed back in the very beginning, before I ever met him he has this design for a really curvy deck, I mean it had concave on the top, concave on the side, concave on the bottom and it was like there wasn’t one straight line involved with the deck… That was something I had to hand draw with paper and pencil and work out all the angles and everything.  I mean it drove my Engineer crazy when he was trying to design the CAD program for the extrusion because it wasn’t something you would normally do on a CAD program… But we did, we designed that crazy wild deck and I know I was trying to guessimate what the weight was and I kinda wanted it to be a little lighter than the FlowMaster but not too light and that was my big mistake back then, I made it too thick and when it come out I was kinda disappointed

The walls too thick?

  Yeah the walls, I made it all 1/8th” thick ‘cause that’s what the flowmaster was 1/8th Aluminum tubing with an 1/8th deck plate so the Flight was 1/8th also. I did it although I didn’t have the money at the time to invest into the Flight, we were pretty much flat broke at the time. I went to the machine shop that I was going to for the headtubes because I was going to do a couple of Thom Cat forks and I wanted to see if he had any parts left over. He asked how business was and I told him it really sucked at the time and he wanted to know what the problem was and I told him it was competition, everyone has extruded decks now and our product wasn’t desirable anymore and we needed an extrusion die which I told him costs $5000.

    He volunteered to loan us the $5000 but he would need to hold the title to our vehicles. So I signed over the TSI van and KC signed over his Nissan 240 and we borrowed the 5 grand for the flight deck. I have to just say this and I haven’t said to anyone before but I guess I just wanna go on record on saying I’m really sorry about the Flight deck. Sometimes things turn out and sometimes things don’t… I mean it was enough to keep us going but it wasn’t what I wanted it to be and anyone who bought it I mean I’m sorry how heavy it was or if the concave was too much… I take things personally when it comes to a product being released and I’m not happy with it. I had to pay back that $5000 and it ended up with me being $2500 in the hole. I had used the credit I had with our extrusion guys to establish a Net30 program where basically they’ll run the extrusions and I have 30 days to pay them back and that’s when I ordered the Threshold Extrusion in hopes the Threshold would pay off the Flight deck and that’s what ended up happening.

   That’s what a lot of people don’t know about TSI, we never really did make any money, I mean not until just recently have we been able to actually start growing because of the hardships we had. We don’t have a bank behind us, We’ve never got a business loan, I don’t have credit cards… I did it all with my own money and my own hands cause I knew there was no way I was gonna give up.

Lets talk about the creation of the Threshold cause it’s no secret that it’s got a foothold now

   Well when we were doing the FlowMaster Hep sent me a drawing that he did in SketchUp, it was basically a FlowMaster but with wide dropouts, wide rails. Rectangles instead of squares and I thought to myself “well that’s gonna be too heavy” ya know? The FlowMaster was too heavy already. Besides that I didn’t have a way to do it at the time, I didn’t have a way to make that deck. I always thought about that drawing and I was into the Flight deck like 2 months when I realized there was no way I could make money with that deck so I drew two rectangles with concave and I said, that’s it. That’s what I want to go get. I got an estimate on it but through advise from other people they said ‘you’ve got to really give the flight a chance’ ya know? You gotta try to make that money back on the excursion to pay back that loan. So we ran the flight deck for a full year and I knew after that I was done.

  I needed to get the Threshold released. I flew Hep Greg out to SD6 and he came back up Oregon after the competition and we sat down and I showed him the design and we said okay ‘lets do it.’ This is what we have to do, this is the only thing that we can do to save the company. If we didn’t we would have been out of business. It was January when I made the 5” wide threshold Prototype in my garage and I sent that over to Hep and he finally got to test it out, he thought it was amazing and it was something we really needed to do so I ordered the excursion for the Thresholds.

4.5” wide right?

      Yeah because 4.5 was the most common size at the time. When we were doing the FlowMasters the 4.5 deck plate was the most common, plus 5” on a fully boxed extrusion can scrape on turns with 110mm wheels. It might be fine with 125mm though. It would still probably be too heavy, a 5” Thresh would probably be a 4lb deck and there isn’t much you can do to lighten it up without reducing the strength.

  So when we finally got it released we used the T plates from our original FlowMasters. I had a box of those still left over, we used the headtubes from the Flight decks and some leftover downtube material so all I needed to do was to replace the deck extrusion itself and use the old stock from the garage. I was so excited leading up to the Threshold because it was actually something I wanted to ride. I stepped on a district deck and I liked the way it felt, I mean to be honest. It had a good feel to it… but I wanted to come up with something just a little better than the district.

Alright Matt, we’ll finish it off here with the big one, whats your dream for TSI?

  Growth. One word right now is growth. When your building a company you have to build a strong foundation before you can build up. That’s what I like to tell myself is what I’ve been doing this whole time is building a foundation and now I can start growing up. A company is people, it’s all about finding the right people, right now, growing at the right pace and making the right decisions to sustain our own company like a family. That’s it, I wanna make enough to sustain us to supply the sport but I’m not out to take over the world. I don’t want 100% of all the sales ya know? I just want to have the best product that I can and people can realized that TSI is the company that provides that. This sport could blow up and become huge or it can die away but either way I want to have a sustainable company that will survive it because I am here to do this for the rest of my life… Or til I retire… In which case you’ll have to take over (laughter).

Which brings me to giving back to riders, I know that means a lot to you

   That’s the part that hurts me the most, because I can’t take care of my riders like the big companies can. I can’t send people to France, I can’t send people to Australia ya know? I don’t have the funding, I don’t have the volume or money it takes to take care of riders like the big companies can and that’s what saddens me is that I can’t do that. It’s really a goal with all this because I feel so guilty, really guilty about running this company and sponsoring riders and kinda stringing them along and say in’ “hey follow us we’re gonna get somewhere” and ya know, it’s taken a long time just to get where we’re at right now but now the threshold is taking off, I’m able to take care of riders a little more. I offered to fly guys to CooterCon and I’m hoping by the SD comp I can fly some riders out there and get our team together. I mean that’s my ultimate goal when we talk about growing the company, It’s growing the company enough to where I can take care of my riders because they have been reppin’ us for so long. They deserve it, they’ve been working their ass off

Blood Sweat and Tears…

  Yeah exactly and it’s not like their getting a pay cheque. for saying the things that they say like the other companies, ya know? They just believe in what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. That’s all! I donno, sometimes I feel like there's not enough companies doing what we’re doing. It’s about taking care of the riders, employees, people who have believed in me this whole time, that’s what keeps me going because I owe it to ‘em, I owe it to everybody… and then after everybody’s taken care of , then I’m gonna take care of myself.

Thanks Matt
-Travis House

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Philly Files Teaser

Parrish nailed this one : "Documentations of further studies in the field of scooter riding and related activities centered around the eastern coast of the United States of America. To be released more likely in the future than the past." 

Get hyped!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Green Lab Bowl Jam

We're fixing to have ourselves a nice shred sesh with some Hootigh riders on Columbus day!  If you're on the east coast, don't fake. Come drink & ride with us. See you there.. 

(Props to Hep Greg for making this sick flyer)

- McKeen

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"This or Dat" with Cameron Poe

Caught up with Cam Poe after he let us edit a part for Proto Scooters, here's what we asked him

Steep rail or Mellow rail : Mellow Rail

Round or Square : Square

Kickless rewind or Normal rewind : Normal rewind, kicklesses are wack.

East coast or West coast : West Coast

Death by hill bomb or Death by mega ramp : Death by hill bomb

Short bars or Tall bars : Tall bars

Tame Impala or The Beatles : Tame Impala

HD or VX : Proper HD

Ass or Tits : Asssss

Del Taco or In n' Out : In n' Out

Sliders or Grippers : Sliders

Corporate business or Rider owned : Rider Owned

Up in the Mountains or On the Beach : On the Beach

Peep the edit if you haven't taken a gander yet!

- McKeen

Monday, September 30, 2013

Chase Robertson : A Blue Collar Scooter Rider

Over the last decade I've watched scootering explode from nothing into a full blown industry.  While it's crazy to see where we've gotten in this short amount of time it kind of bums me out when all the kids talk about is "sponsorship."  It's rare to see riders who are truly dedicated to the sport and don't give up once they get past their teenage years.  A lot of kids seem to think if you don't make the sponsorship "cut" or you get hurt, your riding days are over. My buddy Chase is a solid example of a true scooter rider.  Chase lives in Portland, Oregon and works for Phoenix.  He doesn't give a shit about sponsors, he's recovering from a broken leg, but he still lives to ride.  Here's a conversation we had the other night.

Hey man, lazy Saturday?

Yessir, rains keepin me inside.

Oh damn it's already that bad? Is it gonna be raining a lot from now on?

Yeah probably, it'll be wet for a week at a time sometimes so when it's dry you gotta be on the ball to get some riding in.

Haha thats insane, I'd freak out if it just didnt dry up. So is your leg fully functioning again?

Yeah finally, feels so good to have that stupid boot off. I’ve been riding at full steam again the past week or so.

Hell yeah man, was that your first broken bone?

Yep, broke the outside metatarsal. I've been pretty lucky this far i suppose.  After this long it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Yeah man I still havent broken a bone yet, my days are numbered.

No kidding? Better count those blessings man.

I know, knock on wood right? So when did you start riding? and where you originally from?

Well I got my first scooter in like 2001 or something when it was first blowin up but it wasn't till 2007 that I started  going to parks and stuff. I was into mountain biking then but I'd always break parts, so at some point I couldn't ride my bike and grabbed my old b model out of the garage and tried some tailwhips. I started watching some videos online and found SR and got hooked after that.  Im from Bend Oregon and It was only my buddy Nick Toigo and i at the start, everyone else kinda thought it was a joke, they were more into snowboarding and mountain biking.

Hahah it's funny how things turn out, how does it feel to come from riding a B-model in your garage to work in a full blown scooter scene?

Its super rad to have watched it all happen. If you would have asked me then what i thought id be doing, working for a scooter company would have been the last thing. I feel lucky to be where im at for sure.

So when you got into riding did you ever want to pursue sponsorships? or were you more down to put some labor in?

It was in the back of my mind when i was starting out but it seemed like I was miles away from these dudes who lived for it. I figured id be able to carve my own path whether or not I was sponsored, I just wanted to keep riding.

That's rad dude I respect that a lot, so what kind of work you doin at phoenix?

Im workin with steel day in day out. I do most of the work on the bars and our steel forks before our welder puts em together. I help Evan and Cooper ship stuff out sometimes too. Its pretty gnarly sometimes but i like it, i couldn't handle sitting at a desk 8 hours a day ya know.

Yeah man fuck those cubicle sheep jobs, so do you have any plans to start your own world dominating scooter company down the road?

Haha nah no plans, maybe a dream but its just scattered ideas in my head right now. I've always wanted to work for myself though and that seems like the best way to do it. I guess time will tell.

Word up man, well im gonna wrap this up with what's the craziest thing you've witnessed in portland? hobo wars? hipster dramas?

I saw these two fat homeless chicks get in a fight outside this church across the street from my apartment. They started yelling and one of em shoved the other one down and started wailin on her pretty heavy. They got up and shook hands right after though. I couldn't help but laugh at the whole thing.

There you have it, you don't need to be a sponsored rider to live the scoot life.  If you truly care about scooter riding,  try harder to get yourself involved in the industry.  We need a scene that is run by the riders, that's the only way to secure a safe path for the future.

- McKeen

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Parrish Isaacs Interview

The Parrish Isaacs Interview

Alright man how old are and how did your parents come up with the name “Parrish”?

I'm a week shy of 16, and from the artist Maxfield Parrish.  They didn't want to name me Max because my great aunt was with some guy named Max and they didn't like him?  I dunno, I used to not like it but I think its kinda cool now.

Hahah that's pretty tight, max is kinda plain anyway. So where do you live in Vermont? And how did you get into riding out there in them hills?

I live down in the southern part, near the Green Mountain National forest, which is a wonderful piece of protected wilderness.  And its kinda weird.  My dad gave me this floppy disk cam and I was looking around for floppy disks one day, and I came across RVM1 that came with my Razor I got for my sixth birthday, that was right when we moved to Vermont, I had just turned eight. I skated through fifth grade and through seventh grade, after seventh grade I got my first legit scooter and haven't stopped since.

Dang you've been at it for awhile then. So I know you can't be riding scoots all the time in VT, do you ski or snowboard in the winter?

Yeah I snowboard pretty much every day in the winter, get riding in when I can but the local indoor park is kinda hard to get into because its owned by the ski academy, and the guys with the keys aren't always around.  Snowboarding is definitely one of my biggest influences in my riding. I get pretty into snowboarding, but every spring when the snow melts I know I have more fun scootering haha.

Yeaahhh scootin rules everything. From watching your vids, the spots around you seem pretty scarce. What keeps you stoked on riding? You thinking of moving to the city one day?

I mean I can't fucking stand the city, I really love being in nature but I think it might get to me.  I might have to move to the city for a while just because of all the spots.  It is really fun finding really gnarly spots to ride driving around these mountain roads.  You just have to be able to adapt to shit, because usually there are only a handful of tricks you can do on a spot without getting maimed haha.  I have so much fun cruising just through the little roads around my house, the city is a whole nother level, I go crazy when I'm there its soooo fun to just cruise, get lost in the constant shit that happens.  There is always stuff going on between people in the city, up here you don't get the same--social experiences I guess is a way to put it.

I can dig that. You do a lot of your own editing and it's safe to say they’re not like anyone else's scooter edits, slow songs, poetic verses..what inspires you to be different?

I guess its just a mass of conformity in our culture, and a lack of being in touch with yourself.  Its a lot of things, but I think most of all its the beauty of the place I live, the people I have met, the places I have gone, the substances I've come in contact with, literature, art, I had really awesome English and art teachers through middle school and still do, i early on got really into that stuff, the counterculture, the sixties, the beat poets, surrealist painting, all sorts of things can help you pass through different doors of perception that tend to make you who you are, mine just might be a little different than other people's. My parents aren't the most typical people either, always encouraged me to be who I am and to stand up for what I know is right.  And my mom always made sure I knew to treat people well, no matter what background they came from.  To be accepting of people, that’s really important to me.

That's really rad dude, well I think that pretty much tops it off. Got anything else to say?

Just to be yourself, don't let people's perception of you effect who you are and what you do.  Don't do what everyone else is doing because you want to feel included.  Appreciate everything you have and the crazy miracle that is life on this planet, don't try to figure every little detail out because you'll drive yourself crazy.  Don't smoke too much weed because you'll get lazy, and down with Monsanto, the Federal Reserve, and Halliburton, they're ruining this amazing country and taking away your freedom and nature for their personal gains.  Peace out, go fucking shred the gnar and thank your mother earth, and support your local famer's market and skate shop. Thanks to Matt for putting me on here, Sam and Tanner for driving me around, Mom and Dad for being the shit and supporting me, and Sarah for being the best girlfriend ever.  And thanks anyone who's ever made legit scooter parts.

Check out Parrish's latest edit!

- McKeen

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Funday with Yara Haynes

Jah blessed us last minute with these clips of Yara Haynes, check em out and go shred on this fine Sunday.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trendkill Road Trip : Philly to Chicago

After a month of sitting around and smoking our faces off in Philadelphia Hep, Logan, & I were ready to go on any possible road trip.  For us, the Chicago jam has taken over the glory of what used to be the Brooklyn banks jam a couple years back.  So there was no one way we were gonna miss out on it.  My car got fucked last year from the 12 hour drive so we had to rent a car this year which turned out to be the best fucking idea ever.  Thrifty car rental, get the Ford Fuzion!! It was like we were riding a space ship across the Midwest.  Anyway here are some photos I managed to snap amongst all the mayhem.  

We made our first stop in central PA, Logan's hood. Stopped at this fun little tranny park in Williamsport.

Hep Greg - No hands

Nosepick from Logan or toothpick, whateva.

Picked up the camping gear & chilled with our boy Duney
Greg copped a new DVX, Say sayonara to the GL2

Fucking Ohio and their shitty ass fast food

After our first night of driving we made it to Ohio and decided to stop at a random campground at 2 am, of course it was closed but I snagged a map from the office and we heading to the back of the campsite so no one would find us. 

And then Karma struck at 6AM in the morning, our tent got flooded by a downpour of rain.  Logan had bought a bottle of rum so we chugged it quick and ran outside to take the tent down.

Greg was Salty

"The Seawalls"
The Jam this year turned out to be a pretty big bust, we got immediately kicked from 3 of the spots we went too.  A lot of the older guys were just chilling out watching the groms.  It was sick to watch the new guys shred it this year, I'm not sure where everyone was from but there were some hammers being thrown down by dudes I'd never seen before.
"The Rittler Rail"
This was easily the sickest spot of the jam, everyone was feeding off each other's hype and the riding was gnarly.  Deprived of legit handrails in Philly, Logan went fuckin hambone when he saw this rail.  Lip, Frontboard, Backlip, and Icepick, if we didn't get kicked I know he would of just kept going.  The ground at this rail sucks though, pebbly sandpaper, instant hand holes if you fell.

"Tom K vs. the Pigs"
While riding back on the train from Chicago we spotted this giant ass bank from the window.  Tom said he'd been meaning to hit this for awhile.  We loaded up the van the next day and headed to Blue Island.  The cops came to kick us out before he got a real try but that didn't matter.  We paced around the parking lot for a second and came right back stealth mode so Tom could get it in.

A lot of people still think about the infamous fall when they hear Tom K but I just think about how gnarly it is that he's still shreddin after all the bullshit he went through. Fuck yeah dude.

The Tilt Squad

We parted ways with the Tilt homies sunday night and starting our trip back home.  Around 2 am again we stopped in Ohio to try and find a random park to sleep in.  We came across "Bible Park" in the middle of nowhere, how appropriate.
While setting up the tent in the middle of night we heard the howls of coyote pack across the pond, but we said fuck them cause we were too tired to care.  "We're dead" Logan kept sayin.
The pond creature of Bible Park

"Board to Fakie from the bank"
On our way back from Chicago we decided to stop in Pittsburgh, PA for a little spot lurking.  I wish I had taken more photos cause Pittsburgh has maaad spots everywhere.  This was at the MLK school, there was some dude there watching and I guess decided that he liked us. He wrote us directions to some skateparks and even offered us a place to stay for the night.  But we declined, on the note that he could of either smoked us all out or wanted to kill us. 

"Keeping the youth hooked"
There little dudes were stoked to see us riding MLK, their grandmother kept telling "they bigga than you!" to keep them from trying tricks, but that didn't stop em.  They had them janky ass scoots though, so Logan the scooter technician helped em out.

"Boyce Park"
After Greg's cam died we decided to hit the road and get back to Philly, but shortly after getting on the highway Logan saw a sign for a park that he knew.  We skirted off the exit and got a sunset session in, twas glorious.

After this road trip I've realized how awesome and cost efficient it is to just camp out instead of finding some cheap hotel.  I'd advise everyone to do the same if your planning on going on a riding road trip soon.  It may be a shittier night's sleep and you might get rained on but at least you'll get some stories out of it. 

- McKeen