Thursday, December 18, 2014

VEX in SoCaL | Ditch Paradise | HomieCam

For our latest rendition of the Homie Cam we bring you to the crusty ditches of Southern California.  For a week Issac Miller, Zack Martin & I scoured through neighborhoods and business parks in search of the most perfect accidentally created street tranny spots and by jove there were tons.  These are some lifestyle shots I took from my iphone (sorry i'm lame) 

This ditch was located in a business park.  Apparently some skaters had built a legit roll-up at one point but the Vista FD locc dogs put this one together out of anything they could find.  Made it extra gnarly!

Another business park ditch, this one was pretty unbelievable.  Basically a mega ramp to manny pad.  Issac attempted this 180 but couldn't hold on.  Can't win em all.

Issac was glad to be out of the frigid temps in Denver

Sweet wallie DIY flat bar, this thing was pretty awkward but still sick.

Pala pool with seasoned pala pool vet Alex Steadman & photographer Classic Chris.  It's always an epic sesh everytime this thing gets lit up.  Issac & Zack shut it down.

This ditch was located behind some random neighborhood.  Endless possibilites, it included the wallie flat bar and bank to wall as well!

Not included in the Homie Cam but Andrew puked his guts out before the FD premiere.  After acquiring a free keg from Booze Bros, Andrew downed a "Grandaddy IPA" faster than I think any human should.  As I struggled to finish my beer I was in awe of Andrew.  Until I walked outside and saw that he spewed all over the parking lot.

Big thanks to VEX Brand & TGE Distribution for making this Homie Cam possible.  Cheers to all shops & homies we met along the journey!

- McKeen