Saturday, March 29, 2014

Unfair Scooters | "Us and Them" DVD Review

"Us and Them"

Riders: Nathan Flemongo, Regan Thompson, Rob Tratt, Jack Dye, Reece Jones
Duration: 35:07
 I'm stoked to see that more and more crews are dropping full length videos on DVD.  There's something sacred about holding a copy of a video in your hand rather than just watching it amongst the thousands of other videos on the internet. When we briefly met the Unfair crew last summer at the Dissidence Jam they all seemed reserved amongst the madness of that contest.  Saving themselves for the street missions, they told me they were determined to stack footy for this video and god damn, did they put in work.  The Unfair DVD is another timeless video to add to your collection.  

Rails on Rails

After having the privilege to view the Unfair DVD I never wanna hear an Australian scooter kid say “We don’t have any street spots”, you guys have enough flat bars to end the whole fly out epidemic in your country.  We were really blown away by the amount/variation of flat bars throughout the whole video. They come in all shapes and sizes, from any angle you could dream of.  With that being said, here's a rundown of the video.

The Intro

The video begins with some trippy visuals that bring you into a fast paced montage of bails, rails, and big booty butt cheeks. What more do you need to set the tone? Right away we noticed the filming for this video was gonna be on point. Regan keeps the camera tight on everyone no matter how wild their line gets.  

Nathan Flemongo

First part of the video is Nathan Flemongo.  He's got a nice clean style with a solid bag of rail and ledge tricks but we felt that his part could have been cut shorter.  Although it's sick to see how much footy he stacked, the part runs for 3 songs and the vibe starts to get a little repetitive.  That lad can sure hold a front feeble though. Stoked to see what he'll come out with in the future!

Backlippin' mid line

Regan Thompson - Board up and across
The next part is Regan Thompson, the filmer and editor of the video.  Regan shares his riding ideology with a couple security guards in the beginning which pretty much sums up his style.  "Why is that there?...we are the only people who use that!"  Not too sure how we felt about the Michael Jackson track but the creativity in his part made up for it and kept us hooked.  The banger was gnarly!!

Regan up on them artsy spots
Can't be a legit rider owned company without the Boss man himself having a few clips, Rob Tratt the owner of Unfair managed to come through with a little part! Rad to see him get a few lines & grinds in there.  32 years old and ain't no signs of slowin down.

Rob Tratt - Paris skitchin'

Jack Dye - Backside 180 whip

The second to last part belongs to none other than Jack Dye who should be dubbed "Jack the Ripper" after this part.  This dude is haulin ass!! I love seeing fast lines and Jack didn't slow down for nothing.  The guy can take some gnarly bails too, the beginning of his part shows no mercy.  Very solid part from Jack we can't wait to see more from him.  The banger made us scream, fuckin killin er!!
Post Death: Even after gashing his head open in the streets of Paris, Jack kept on pushin!

Reece Jones - Boardslide through the kink

Last Part! Now this was just fucked up, excuse our Philly lingo but  yo like how you be so chill on dem rail jawns? Nigga be surfing, like mad wavy. He got them security guards feelin some type of way like dey don’t even wanna kick him out they just been watchin like dam what the fuck is I doing?

Mobbin a doublewhip over a fat ditch gap
But in plain speak, Reece's part was flawless, packed full with only the smoothest of hammers.  The Pink Floyd track fit so perfectly with his style.  It's crazy how carefree Reece looks, especially on some of the sketchy ride outs to the spots he was hitting.  It was sick to see him hitting more than just rails, Reece proves that he can kill just about anything.

Backlippin' the Vert

All n' all we thoroughly enjoyed "Us and Them" it was a solid video all around with filming/editing and music choices. It was refreshing to see this side of Australian riding.  After seeing all the spots they have to offer it makes you wanna hop on the next 20 hour plane ride to the land down under.  Regan has told us that the video will soon be available at FinScooter, Dissidence, and is being sold worldwide from their website. Don't miss out make sure you grab a copy!

- McKeen & Hep

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Green Lab Bowl Jam

Here's an edit I threw together of the Bowl Jam we had back in October with HooTigh crew and some loc doggs.  It took us forever to put this out but better late than never. Special thanks to TwoBeerz for cappin/sendin us all 2 hours of the footage from Austria. Spring officially starts next week so we'll be throwing another bowl jam soon! Check back here or the facebook for more updates!!