Tuesday, August 26, 2014

VEX Brand X Unfair Scooters Tour Video & shots from Zak Frazer

For our latest edit we present to you the tour from down under,  we started from Brisbane, camped out in countryside, and then slowly made our way back down to the streets of Sydney.  

Zak was taking pictures the majority of this trip and decided to share some of his shots for the blog, thanks for the content Zak! Here's some words he wrote to go along with his photos.

Spent about 12 days traveling down the Australian coast in the Unfair bus, many late nights and memories where made on the trip; from the sheer amount of pies and sausage rolls we ate to the chick getting hit by an electric scooter to Luke Maffesoni throwing the biggest 180 whip I have ever seen. You can never really know what to expect on a road trip, it's always a surprise, we set out with no plan and jammed as much into each day as we could and I had my camera the whole way.

- Zak Frazer

If you head over to the facebook page you have a chance to win a pair of the new VEX shoes!  They're giving away 5 pairs of kicks in honor of releasing the tour video and all you have to do is share the youtube link from the Trendkill Facebook to be a part of the VEX mania. Good luck!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Yara Haynes for Anaquda

Yara quickly hops the 145 Street Subway Gap in fucking midday.  Boy is trying to get arrested.
Photo: Mankong

 We apologize for the lateness of this edit, it should have been released well over a month ago but due to my laptop being stolen we had to start the project over again.  With the laptop set back, Yara went even harder for this video.  By the time I my new computer he had almost another part filmed in just a month.  We couldn't even fit all the footage in, so look out for a throwaway part in the future haha.

Anaquda has been making solid additions to their team! We like seeing underdog companies breach the surface.  Keep on the lookout for these guys. Check the Anaquda Facebook & instagram (@officialanaquda) for more updates!

- McKeen