Monday, April 29, 2013


Our homie & newest crew member from Addict has been holding it down with the VX1 edits out in Aarhus, Denmark.  This one features Phillip Haj and Mathias himself.  I don't know how it's possible for everyone on Hootigh to automatically have the steeziest of styles but god damn it must be something in the air out there.  

- McKeen

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ralph "Monky" McMoran

I got to know Ralph back in 2010 when I was a counselor for Woodward West. Even at 15 years old he was blowing me away, I knew the kid was gonna be a ripper.  Ralph's got a style that no one can imitate, he charges what ever he rides with full speed and does his tricks effortlessly.  This was some older footage he had saved up for awhile, I think the oldest clip may be from two years ago.  Anyway it's all gold, now sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy.

- McKeen

Addict welcomes Mathias Holst

Were real stoked on Mathias joining the family of shredders we have over at Addict, the dude has the smoothest style ever and is chill as hell also! check out the video!!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trendkill FB HYPE

If you haven't already seen, we just got a facebook to better help our viewers access some more gnarly material.  In light of this christening, we've decided to come out with an exclusive Ralph "Monky" McMoran part when the page reaches 999 likes.  

You know what to do. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"How to: Keep your beanie on" with Logan Fuller

I made this "How to" with Logan a little while ago when we were baked out at the house for a week straight.  Logan without his hat is a rare sighting.  I'd always wonder how he managed to keep it on his head when he threw himself down some big shit.  Here's his secret. 

- McKeen

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Friendly joins TRENDKILL

Our home boys from the land down under have decided to join forces with us in our quest to uphold the gnar.  Expect to see a lot more Friendly flicks (and videos) from now on! 

Jon Archer / Straight Hop
Photo : Aaron Brandson

If you haven't already liked their facebook page get on that asap.  These guys know what's up.  I baaaack.

 - McKeen 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Snake Charmers

In this ratchet world of shreders, snakers will always be amongst us... for some they barge the cret N charm the ones amongst us. young ones glare in the sight of no impact shred. -Peasley

New Black Sabbath song released from the up and comming album "13"

I was too stoked to see a full song preview of the new album comming up, i already pre ordered my vinyl so i can listen to the full album properly. anyways enough of my bullshit, check er out! pirate up a download n get a actual mp3 version with out the "i heart radio" shit. oh! and the original drummer Bill Ward did not get enough money so hes not drumming in this album, so i can truly say "fuck you bill ward" taking his place is rage against the machine drummer Brad Wilk, he did a pree damn good job. -Peasley

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dissidence USA Introduction Video

This was one of the nuttiest riding trips I've ever been on.  Never experienced so many hammers in such a short sitting.  The vibes we're awesome, everybody was just down.  This video is what scooter riding is about.  

If your a shop looking to pick up some Euro gear, head over to the website to start submitting your orders!!

- McKeen

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sculpture Apparel & Team Dropped!

Sculpture Apparel has just released their website along with their gnarly ass line up! Stoked to say Trendkill's very own Alex Peasley is amongst all these shredders. They also dropped a promotional video to go along with the big debut. Peep it!

Now that your face has been melted go on the website and pick out some fresh tees.

- McKeen

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wise Welcomes Alexis Pedro Cuvillier

Alexis is someone who i am always stoked to see, always a good time with this guy! Fuckin amazing rider also, knows the ins and out of any trick. This is him and you will enjoy er.

Alexis Pedro Cuvillier - Welcome to Wise from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.


The Bear Trap with Cory Vanlew

It was like any other day of shredding for Cory Vanlew when the streets to decided to strike back.  This is a nightmare for those who have ever decided to take a ride down a double handrail.  Peep it!!

As a part of Trendkill will be bringing you the gnarliest bails that we see, if you or someone you know has taken a gnarly ass fall on tape, send it to us at and we'll put it up if it's to our standards. 

- McKeen

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

22" TSI Thereshold Shred test

Kirk Svenson, Conor Davidson and Collin Snoek mess around with the new 22" thereshold n get some smooth riding down, im personally stoked everyone is getting into the groove of longer decks. -Peasley

the almanac #17

Dylan Kasson shares some pleasant mayhem with another one of his vlogs. -Peasley

Ian Herncjar - Trip to Arizona with Adam & Andrew Cordova

Ian Herncjar and his buddys Adam and Andrew Cordova took a voyage over to Arizona to ditch the cold
Colorado weather. Filmed this siickk edit n' jammed packed it with a bunch of good ol steezy hams. -Peasley

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Hella Grip Homies at the Epic Indoor Skatepark

Really stoked on this video, the fact that Zach Fuller ran into the cross fire of the Jam and filmed it with the ease of hype gives it just that. Hella Grip always gives er and the homies are down. sit back while your brain gets chills~

The Hella Grip Homies at Epic Indoor Skatepark from Hella Grip on Vimeo.

- Peasley

Dissidence DIY Curb

The guys over at Dissidence always go to infinity and beyond to be great hosts. Last year at the Dissidence jam the warehouse was puurree craziness with tons of homies flying over for the jam. The flat rail and the ghetto pallet box sessions that went down at the warehouse barged  late into the nights. So with these three new fresh curbs for everyone to mentally destroy, Im stoked to see the next video that these curbs will be in and let me tell ya those woodens beasts look strong as hell.

The Dissidence jam is comming up also! and i wouldnt be surprised to see a special appearance by these              curbs. so if you got something fancy you would like to share with these beauts you should try n make it!

- Peasley

New Scoot Nation #12

I've been a contributing writer for this magazine for the past year.  These dudes are awesome, they're really rider oriented and have been down for any suggestions I've made to them.  Support them in anyway you can, we need more magazines like this backing the scene.  

In the new Issue #12, I wrote an article on Addict's trip to Barcelona for the street jam a couple weeks ago, we had Martin Kimbell along with us for the photos! check it out!

- McKeen

Sculpture Apparel : Team announced April 13

For those living under a rock, The big Ol' Team Manager from Addict, Johann Moreau and his partners, Olivier Poinsignon (better known as Bitchboy) and their friend  Edouard have started a new clothing line, Sculpture Apparel.  To bring everyone up to speed, Olivier is Johann's old buddy from the south of France who designed many of the graphics for the Addict Decks. Olivier also happens to be a tattoo artist so it's safe to say the graphics are extremely detailed, out there, and like something from a horror film.  Definitely hyped to see what they'll bring to scene.

The "Dead Man" shirt

Today, Sculpture posted on their facebook that they will be announcing their team of 4 international riders this Saturday, April 13th.  Judging by how gnarly all the shirt graphics are you can only guess what's to come out of this team. Be sure to check the Sculpture Apparel facebook for more updates this week!

- McKeen

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Logan Fuller on Addict.

Day old news but if you haven't heard yet our good homie from Lock Haven, Pennsylvania just earned a spot on Addict Scooters.  Logan is probably one of the most fearless dudes I know.  He won't think twice about throwing himself down something.  This edit is mostly from old footage but it will definitely get you hyped.  Congrats Logan!!

(apparently the youtube version is lagging, will be fixed shortly until then enjoy the vimeo version)

Welcome to Addict: Logan Fuller from Addict Scootering on Vimeo.

New Beginnings.

In these last couple of years this sport has blown up to such a large amount that it's lost touch with those who started it.  The image of scooter riding nowadays is so clean cut that the raw razor blade that infected all of us got lost in the dirt. Matching shirts for teams, world rankings for competitions, at the rate things are goin' scootering would end up like little league baseball. We want to bring all that back and show you the gnarly reality of scootering. After watching our sport struggle to gain respect and become some inbred corporate marketing ploy we've decided enough is enough, we put our foot down.  We've been wracking our minds about all this rad content for awhile, all these ideas that people have said "wouldn't it be cool to do this..?"  but have never followed through.  This blog is just the start, we're new to this, so bear with us.  We won't let you down. Trendkill is here, let the mayhem begin.

- Peasley & McKeen