Thursday, February 27, 2014

Coon Tee Update

Attention Loyal Coons, Sky High Scooters is now selling tees! They have our last small and XL sizes so get there while you can!  We're doing another run soon so stay lurking for more updates.  Also working out international shipping for all our homies across the pond!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Michael Mankong Interview

Everyone in the scooter scene has witnessed the legendary first comments of Michael Mankong but no one really knows the man behind the keyboard.  So we set out to find who really is this Mankong and what are his secrets.

- McKeen


Let’s just start simple, where you from and how did you start riding?
I was born in Queens, New York then moved to Long island, New York.  I started skateboarding in 2008 but then picked up a scooter that summer because it was a lot more fun and fast.

Is there a specific crew of dudes you roll with or do you just ride with whoever?
I usually sesh with my friends in Long Island but recently I’ve started going to NYC to ride new spots and meet new people.  I hang with a lot of crews, too many to name but I’m always down to ride with whoever.
Elmer back 5-0

Being from the New York Scene, how would say it differs from other scooter scenes you ride with?
A lot of people from different states and countries ask what its like to ride New York.  I feel like we never use cars to get around, we always mob.  There’s usually spots around every corner in the city.  I’m definitely trying to check out the other scenes where ever.
Hep Greg - Frontside Bus Ride

I’ve seen that you’ve become more focused on photography. Who are your inspirations? What do you look for whilst taking a photo?
I never really looked up to any photographers, I just started out with a camera phone when I was 13 and the pictures I took looked alright haha. Then I upgraded to a Canon T3 Rebel when I turned 16.  When I shoot a photo I’m really interested in the background and I try to capture the trick at the perfect position.

Okay I gotta ask the question everyone is dying to know, how is it that you always are the first person to comment on every youtube/vimeo scooter video?
Haha well I’m usually always lurking the web.  I’m subscribed to almost every scooter channel on Youtube.  Randomly I’ll refresh my feed and new videos pop up, and you know the rest.
Yara Haynes - Hurricane

Genius, are you genuinely stoked on every vid? Or are there ones that really stick out?
I wouldn’t say I’m stoked on every video but all of them interested me.  I watch them do I don’t song jack or copy tricks when I make a video.  Videos that stick out to me are the ones with good filming, song choice, tricks, or just an overall good vibe.

I was listening to a mixtape on youtube once and scrolled down to see the comments, sure enough you were there first.  Are you deep into some other scenes outside of scootering?
Haha I don’t remember listening to any mixtapes recently.  I watch skateboarding and bmx videos now and then.  I also enjoy prank videos or just comedy videos in general.

Name your Top 5 “niocest” scooter vids
The Philly Files, Tilt Box Jam 2013, ShopECX Presents: Logan Fuller & Hep Greg, Dissidence USA Trip NY Philly, and Proto Scooters – Armageddon 2012 – Elmer Ferreiras

And your own?
That I made? Parkin’ it, Go ride “UTI” Edit 2, Hey Pachuco, Red Bull Gives You Wings – Scooter Commercial, and Narnia.
Dylan Kasson - Wallride

Would you say that scootering is just a hobby for you or do you think of it as something you might wanna work for in the future?
At first it was just a hobby but scootering has really stuck to me.  I’m currently working for Scooter Resource and a few other projects.  I’m always gonna find a way to be involved with scootering. 

Hell yeah.  Got any other things you wanna say? Secrets of getting the first comment?
Haha nah, no secrets to it.  I see kids nowadays trying to beat me to it.  For all the riders out there, keep pushin’ & shreddin’.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Philly Files Coon Tees On Sale Now!!

The Coon Tees have arrived and now you can cherish "The Philly Files" forever.  For the moment, we're only taking orders in the U.S.  Apologies to all the international homies, we're figuring out who can distribute the shirts for us, so if you wanna help out tell your local shops or distributors to hit us up at 

Deuces Approves

The shirts are available for the affordable price of $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING!!
Head over to to order now.  We'll start shipping out on Tuesday the 18th!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two more "Philly Files" sections!

If you've been living under a rock to escape this terrible winter for past couple weeks don't panic.  We've uploaded two more sections from "The Philly Files."
Check em out and share them all over with your friends, family, significant others! spread the loovee.

Scoota Steve & the homies

Parrish the trippy scooter poet

Also just got word on The Coon tees, we should have them in by next week. Stay Tuned!

- McKeen