Friday, June 28, 2013

TSI à Paris

TSI came together abroad for the Dissidence Street Jam, along with their newest rider, Travis House. This is the result of two weeks in paris living off croissants, fancy beers, hot dogs and spliffs (a whole lotta dem). 

- straight up from Hep Greg

Thursday, June 27, 2013

TSI Scooters : Back on Track

TSI Scooters, the most OG brand in the sport are on there way back from the underground!  Along with some new additions to the team, they filmed a trip video with some of the crew out in Paris.  Check back here tomorrow to peep the funk.

- McKeen

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flavor Presents: Jasper Russell-Dennis

Heres a dood im stoked to see grab a sponsorship n drop his first edit since 07 speed demon driven with that fuckin awesome Venom playyin in the background. OG as all hell and still killin er


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Funday in Paris

For this Sunday Funday we wanted to do something speciaal. Whilst out in Paris a month ago for the Dissidence Street jam, Hep Greg, Travis House, & I took a day of leisure with Estonian crew to hit up some spots.  No hambones, just funn.  Thanks to Madis Kukk for these clips!

Keep sending us your local homie videos for the next sunday fundays! at

- McKeen

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Travis House on TSI

Travis House is raw as fuck, OG as all hell! still kills it and is  from newfoundland, Canada. when i seen he got on TSI i was tooo stoked!! threw some questions at him. mostly shot the shit.
Travis the gnar bringer from the rock by, how the fuck we get here?

hahahaha I have no idea buddy, it's like one day your snapping Yaks and the next you're riding Paris for weeks on end. I had a local rider come up to me the other day and was like "YO was that Alex Peasley in the credits of On The Rock?" I was like "yeah... damn, it was, wasn't it". Pretty much all Canadian riders from the early days have fallen off

Hot gluing wheels n playin Halloween with our scooters we were, Yak should of put some in the vault again for another 4 years, kids would understand that one for suuuree!! on the rock tho! you guys were stackin footy back then. made it look like the Canadian cali to me.

St. John's is so much better now than it was. Maybe me and the b'ys are just riding more street around but you really gotta dig through spots that scare the shit out of you. Nothing is smooth and clean cut like cali. You gotta fit in tight places and land on fucked up pavement with creators. filming in the fog and shit, She just works against ya.

Yeah man you guys got it rough in newfoundland, deff gotta mann it up if you want to shred. you were stoked to get off the rock n go to Europe.

Europe was so deadly this year, I felt like I did so much more compared to last year. The Montreux roadtrip I did with Wise was a big highlight for me, from hanging with the HooTigh guys along with the other Scandinavians to riding some of the most amazing spots I've ever seen in Lyon, France... I've always wanted to do a riding road trip and that was my very first. Big thanks to Balthazar for hooking it up and feeding me.
Amsterdam was pretty awesome too, I got to recover a little and just kick it with my Dutch friends for a week or so. Rode my first real pool there as well which was dope... Queens Day was a blur and before I knew it I was back in Paris shreadding and filming with Balth, Hep Greg, McKeen, Tyler Wheeland, Papy and I actually got to meet and chill with Martin Kimbell which was pretty sweet. Was really productive this year and I dig a lot of what I have got filmed so far but it wont see light until the Wise DVD

That spider web of a continent is insane with all the different countries, pure mayhem is awaiting when the montrex comp is comming.  Are you stoked on what the wise dvd brought in so far?

hell yeah man, everyone is so motivated and killing it. Martin André is in another league with his riding... some of the shit I've seen him do already looks like its out of a video game.

Got wise with first trip to paris n TSI with the second! im seeing a pattern here... your staight killing it.

Hahahahah! Yeah man, next year I might come back with a new beer sponsor! Lookin' at you Desperado!
TSI was always a company I really felt for though. When I returned to riding and I had to buy my first after market scooter there was no doubt want I wanted to ride. I put thats Flowmaster through a good two years of hell before she gave in. There are more fingers on my hand than companies I would represent with my whole heart and TSI was always number one on that list. It blows my mind that it's become my reality. I'm balls deep in filming for a TSI edit, hopefully it won't take me all summer to be satisfied with it hahaha

our summer juuustt came man! take your time! stokage kills the most but you gotta kill em all!!
lets end this in a blast
1. song in mind
2. spot in mind
3. go to beer
4. last words

Hahaha bestkind!
1) "Loves Me Tenderly" by The Felice Brothers
2) This bump to rail to hop over I've been dreaming about downtown
3) If I can get to the Liquor Store I'll buy 1664 but if it's Canadian I have to go with Alexander Keiths.
4) Thanks Peasley for posting the photo and gabbin with me, thanks to Balth, my parents, the Kilbride crew, anyone who let me sleep at their crib in Europe and of course Matt and Greg at TSI for giving me this opportunity to continue to live within the culture of scooter riding. Fuck traditional lifestyles and do what you love for as long as humanly possible.

Hell yee, were stoked for you! shred it proud! Travis House of Newfoundland, Canada wise scooters and TSI scooters!.


Throwback Thursdays : Hep Greg & Scooyork

Back in the old days, it was really rare to see some real street riding.  Most of the mini videos back then consisted of kids jumping off kicker ramps in their driveways.  Or some fly out tricks at a local skatepark. Among the few street crews back then, Scooyork was one of the most well known.  They were skitching the backs of taxis in Manhattan traffic. Not giving a damn about anything or anyone, riding the city all night till morning. I first met Hep Greg out in San Diego for the SD2 comp back in 2007.  Greg’s one of the few original riders left of Scooyork. Through the Brooklyn Street jams to numerous video parts, Greg has been keeping the street scene alive in NYC.  I went up to Queens last weekend to kick it with Greg and Logan Fuller.  This is what we got into.

Hep Greg - reinforced Razor promodel - 1st Brookyln Banks Jam - 2007

Yoo Greg, How was sandy? Did y'all take a dip in the lakes of

No swimming, but me & Logan went out during the storm, trying
to feel the power of nature haha.

Logan & Greg at the Globe
Probably after many buckets and liquor no doubt, I heard it
made some sick spots, did you get to shred them before the
city took them out?


Sandy destroyed NYC but that didn't stop them scootaasss! - Jaythio Arriagada

There was one spot in particular that I got to ride, it was this tree
that fell and made an A-Frame out of the sidewalk. It was siiiick haha.

it might even still be there, I’m not too sure.

That's crazy, hurricane spots are rad. so tell me a little bit
about Scooyork, how did it get started? Who were the OG's?

Scooyork 2006

Scooyork started with Michael Lee and myself. We met Jon Reyes &
Chris Zackowitz in like 2004, and started riding the city with
them. As time went on, we met Rahmel Lafayette, Elmer Ferreiras,
Steven Sanchez, Brian Murphy, and a whole bunch of other riders.
Once we all discovered SR, we decided to buy a POS canon
handycam, and just started making videos (with no real
knowledge of what the hell we were doing.) We became known
because of the fact that we rode in a city, and started to really
expose urban street style riding into the sport (along with the
philly crew). Most people at the time were just hyped on the razor
wave, and all the videos that razor put out were mostly in
skateparks or just filmed around some so-cal suburban towns. I
think that’s what brought us so much attention at the time, just
the fact that our videos were such a different vibe, and so fresh to
the sport.

Young Elmer Ferreiras

I remember this old video when razor came to visit NYC, Jarret
Reid did a backflip up some shit, Were you there when that
went down?


Nah, that was even before we all met each other. I remember that
photo too; off a kicker up the 4 set in Union Square.


This shit kinda tallll doe


Haha soo old, anyway, what's the scene like in NYC now? It
seems like a pretty big hub on the east coast, does that get
you hyped?

Hell yeah dude, the Tri-state area scene is getting soooo big. NYC
is definitely the Hub of the street scene though, jersey's got that
whole park flow goin' on. It’s awesome to know that what we
started here is growing everyday.

Hep Greg tall ass frontboard yo
Smokin' ehehehhehehe

That’s awesome, so who you mainly ride with these days? Is
there any underrated dudes who've been killing it on the low?


Logan "gives no fucks" Fuller
Well, Logan fuller moved into my house in like April, so I've been
mostly riding with him this year. But there's alot of local
shredders who have been killing it; like Gabe De Asis, Yara Hanes,
& David Martinez. They're all gonna have footage in a video I'm
putting together. It'll probably drop in the spring of next year.



Yara NIGGAA - wallride
Does this video have a name yet? Any chance of seeing a
promo sometime soon?


Yara with a massive railhop

No name yet, no promo yet either. Still have a lot of work to do.
I'm sure ill put out some kind of promo within a few months
though. Keep yo' eyes open!


the "spot keeper"
 Oh we willl. So I noticed you guys are starting to get a lot of
park out there, some still with no scooters. Do the skaters and
scoot riders get along out there?


Usually skaters won't bother me and the other older dudes... it's
the same problem as it is everywhere else, they hate on the
younger kids with no park etiquette & the little ones whos'
parents just bring them to the skatepark because they're fuckin'

Skateparks are a fairly new thing in NYC, we used to have
one in each boro, now there are sooo many.                       

Hep Greg leaning through the curve
What might you say to a wee little scooter rider standing in
everyone's way? Or should I say, some advice for the rats out


Usually I’m really polite to the little clueless razor kids; I just try to
be nice to them so they actually listen to what I'm telling them.
For the younger kids who ride freestyle scooters, I usually just
keep it a buck, and tell them to watch what the fuck they're doing
or someone’s gonna slam into them.

  Sometimes I talk to kids
parents and whatnot, so that they can understand what they're
bringing their kids into. It’s not a playground, its a skatepark.


Subway with Logan & Greg

Wise words, so real quick, what's the best thing about being
a scooter rider in NYC? And what's the worst?
this one for the young niggazz

Best thing about being a scooter rider in NYC is the fact that I can
get anywhere on my scooter in less time than it would take to use     
public transit. if you have a group of dudes cruising through the
streets, you can stop traffic, cut through tight places, hop onto
sidewalks, and skitch buses and shit. It’s the funnest thing in the
world cruising with a crew. Scooters are easily the best urban
commuting device. I cant really think of a downside to riding here,
maybe the fact that the weather is so erratic, it's sometimes hard
to find good days to go out and shred.

Fuck yeah, any words you wanna say to all the uk duders out

GET OUT OF THE SKATEPARKS! Go cruise the streets with your blokes, the UK
has tons of sick spots.

the young scoo-yorkers

Good looks for the interview & throwback photos Greg
This was taken from Scoot Nation #9
- McKeen