Monday, November 25, 2013

Hella Broke with George Justiniano


It's been awhile since we've posted a gnarly bail and this time it happens to be the most gruesome one yet.  Our good "Hella Grip" homie George Justiniano slammed over the summer trying to slide this burly rail.   George also has no health insurance so that's another chiller for this video.  In light of this shitty situation, Hella Grip has decided to sell special sheets in order to help George pay for his medical bills.  See the photo below for more details then head to 

I've known George for ages, super rad human being, help da homie out!

- McKeen

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marvin Erse Edit/Interview

Marvin is a good friend of ours who just droped his first edit, i met him before he scootered n he was chill as fuck to hang out with n always down to get rowdy. so of course i was stoked to see him pick it up the next time i went to visit. always a good guy to have in the crew durring them gnarly seshs to get the stoke going! I Recently dropped him a few questions to hear what he had to say!

what up marvin, hows it been going dude?!?!

Pretty good dood ! "DAR" as we say here !

how long have you been shredding for now and what got you into it

Damn that's a hard one.. since i'm 19, i'm now 23 so it's now 4 years if i'm good ! I wasn't doing any sport for like 2 years, was looking for something steezy. I always was on xtreme sport, and naturlly i turned into scootering. You know, 2 wheels it's like a small motor bike dood ! And mostly because of a gnarly friend I have, I see him shred and grind our hometown

you enjoy having a dialed scooter at all times but you also roll some dialed spliffs. whats the secret to those ever lastings splifs?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH !! first when I set up my scoot I'm so focus, I got to get it dialed dood. So it's basicly the same with all those spliffs haha Good dexterity dood. Nothing better than a Dialed scoot and a well rolled G.

hook me up with one of those heavy french rap songs
show buisness - Ideal J

get a metro pass yet or still hopping the subway like a boss?

I dont need to hop them dood, I just walk over it.

most fustrating trick you always try but can never get it to work.

Fs 50-50 hardway 180.

secret to fs smiths?

I will never tell.

what about the secret to friendship?

Sincerity, communication, talk about everything "no black topic list"

secret to fun?

Listen Disco music sometimes.

whaaatt about the secret of chilling?

Friends, grass

anymore secrets?

Raging Mental. I couldn't ride that much without my brother Johann Moreau. Big thanks to Matt Mckeen, Alex Peasley, Michael Cajas and JD who gave me my first Addict deck. They all are fucking comics character. If it would have been a " Joe Bar Team " comic they'll will be the main character haha !


Monday, November 4, 2013

Addict Scooters Winter Update

Hey all,
It's been awhile since we've given you some news. You may have heard some rumors already but now it's time for the official announcement.

Firstly, Maxime “Le Baron” Legrand will no longer be a part of Addict. He's chosen to ride a different path and we wish him luck where ever he may land.  This might bum some of you out but with bad news there's always some good.  We're officially announcing a new shredder to our crew. Tobias Mayer, he is Austrian, you probably heard of him..wait to see his welcome edit. 

Also you've probably noticed that we are testing new parts. We can't give an exact release date at the moment but rest assured we're shredding hard & you will be stoked
on the new product line!! New parts means new sig parts, colors, graphics, soon as the testing is complete we'll give you an update ;)

Check out Matt testing the Blacksmith deck 

Lots of new projects in the works! Looking forward to this coming year, thanks for all your support! Keep shredding!!  Check out our facebook (Addict Scootering) page/instagram @addictscootering for more informations/flicks.
-Johann Moreau, Addict Big Ol’TM