Friday, May 31, 2013

Above the Clouds : Michael Goumaz

The Switz homie Michael Goumaz holding it down in this new District vid.  Props on that boat rail! The owners of La Beroche must be very salty.  

- McKeen

Riders from Singapore

Shafiq from Yishun, Singapore sent us this video of his local crew, Scooter SG.  It's rad as fuckk to finally see some riders from Asia! Check the rail at the end.  Hope to see more from these dudes.

- McKeen

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursdays : Friendly Interview

For this Throwback Thursday, I've uploaded an old interview from Scoot Nation #4 I did with Jackson Manzie & Jon Archer on Friendly, DIY spots, real spots, & and the upcoming "Lux" video. Enjoy!
Building something out nothing.
When I first starting riding, there were no skate parks around me, my friends and I would just make kickers from some logs we found in our backyards, throw a sheet of plywood on top and ride that for hours. I got older more parks started to pop up, but there was always some kind of hassle. Too many kids, haters, people regulating helmet and pad rules. I couldn’t take that, which was probably what pushed me into street riding. But along the way I found that building my own spots could be just as fun as finding street spots. There’s a satisfaction in having your own little “do it yourself ” spot that only you and your buddies know about. In most cases, you can’t ride street all the time. During the weekdays people are working, security are in full force, there’s too many people around so you need to go somewhere to ride on the down low. Building your own spots adds on to the idea of street riding being innovative.
In Richmond,Virginia, where I’m from, the skateboarders take it upon themselves to build all the “DIY” spots. We’ve had one at an abandoned mall, old basketball court, a tennis court, and now a plot of land behind a bunch of houses. Everyone pools in to buy bags of quick crete, go out to find old cinder blocks or bricks from demolished buildings or even go as far to steal rails or cool obstacles to ride from random places. These spots take a little time to perfect, they might look sketchy as hell but the end result will probably get you more hyped than riding any skatepark
A Treasure Island
Now the reason I’m telling you all this is because, this is a part of our culture that is almost non-existent in the scooter scene. With the exception of one crew, Friendly, who come from the most unlikely place for “DIY” spots,Australia.Where the parks are plentiful and street riding goes by almost unnoticed, the Friendly crew has been putting in work that has set them apart from your average Aussie scooter rider.
I honestly think these guys are on the come up and will grow into some of the most well known names in the scene. I managed to have a chat with Jackson Manzie and Jon Archer from Friendly to ask them about their experiences with “DIY” spots, street riding, and their upcoming video,“Lux.”


- Jackson Manzie -

I met Jackson back in 2008 at SD3. I didn’t really get a chance to hang out with him but he definitely seemed to be a “friendly” fellow. Since then Jackson has been constantly steezing his way into the limelight and promoting his homies with some Friendly flicks. His last edit of his trip to California was so foxy that it earned him a spot on Proto Scooters. I only see good things coming from this guy in the future.

Hey Jackson, How are ya man? How’s the Aussie life?
Pretty good, it’s autumn here and I’m sitting on my veranda with my dogs in the sun. Can’t complain.
Andy Muscat - Indy Tweaker
When people think of Australian riders, they mostly picture a lot of intense park rats, with multi colored hair, and video game-like briflip combos, what made you guys choose the streets over that? Do other Aussie’s get down with your crew’s style? or do they hate?
I’m not sure at what point we made the transition but I think a lot of people we ride with started to watch a lot of skating because scooter videos are for the most part pretty terrible. That, and most of the people I ride with have been doing it for 5 years or more and just got over going to the park everyday. I don’t think I’ve heard any hate, but we also ride park all the time and are friends with a lot of the park riders in Sydney because we’ve been around for so long, so I guess that helps. Exploring is just a lot more fun than riding a park I think, but it’s the culture here and I’m not going to try and change that we just do our own thing.
Darcy Altavilla - Andy Muscat - Sean Furze

Jake Turner - BS 180 barspin railhop
That's cool man, so who’s currently on the Friendly crew at the moment? How often do you guys all get together?

Hard to say haha, a lot of people now.We made like a Facebook group so that we could organize where to ride easier and now there’s something like 30+ people in the group that we ride with all the time which is awesome. Some of them don’t even ride anymore but are just old friends who like to stay in the loop. But Jon Archer, Aaron Brandson, Nathan Clark, Jayden Hogan, Kevin Austin, Luke Maff, James Bull, Royce King, Billie Rainbow, Alex Collins, Sean Furze, Darcy & Melvin and a few others are who we ride with the most.
Unfriendly fiends at Friendly fields
Pillage the streets.
That’s wild. I saw in one of the older Friendly promos that you guys had built your own “do it yourself” spot, that got me real hyped because that’s mainly what me and my friends ride around here during the week, what made you guys decide to build that? Aren’t there plenty of local parks around you?
I guess we probably got the idea from you haha? Wherever that one you ride is cool as! I just spotted this huge lot where an old school had been knocked down, and the developers weren’t going to build anything new until 2013 I think, so me, and two others built a ledge there and we just kept adding stuff because it never got taken down. It’s called Fields.
Jackson Calcutt - BS Hurricane to downside whip out

I think this is Jackson the Manzie
Hell yeah like true street pirates, As far as the street spots go out there, what’s it like riding them? Do you have a hard time with security? Or are people pretty relaxed?
The spots are pretty good all round, but there are shortages of some types of spots, like it’s pretty hard to find a really good quality down rail, and I’ve been looking for a bank to rail hop for like 2 years and still haven’t found a good one.The city has the highest concentration of spots, because all the architecture is quite old, and other than that most of the spots are fairly spread out. So most of the time we’re in a car going from place to place. Security can be total hard-asses sometimes, and sometimes not, as with any city. Depends on the spot.
Fuck a park, street quarter! :)
What are some of your favourite spots to ride?
Really hard to say. Probably one of my favorites is these street quarters outside an aquatic centre.They’re just one of those spots you can never get sick of because finding a quarter pipe outside of a park is hard. Other than that, I like spots where the vibe is nice. Doesn’t have to be anything special but there’s a great set of ledges in Sydney University in a quadrangle where everyone is super chill and you can hang out there for hours.
Jackson Manzie - Back 180 noseboner
What can we expect to see in the future from Friendly? Last I heard, you guys were planning on making a full length video, is there any update on that?

Yeah, we want to do a good length video where everyone gets parts,because everyone’s style is so different and fun. But it probably won’t be all street, I want to get some gnarly bowl footage as well and include that because Royce King and a couple of other people we ride with destroy bowls.
Any last words?
Not really, I’m supposed to have met someone at a spot like 10 minutes ago so I guess I’d better go do that. Actually Jon Archer is 18 today, happy birthday

  - Jon Archer -
I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Jon yet, but I think that his riding alone speaks enough. He’s pretty new to the scene but I’ve been really digging what he’s been throwing down. Can’t wait to see what his part will look like in the upcoming “Lux” video.

Hey Jon, How’s it going man? Heard you just turned 18, How’s it feel?
Yo dude, things are alright, just at school, trying to ride when I can. So far being 18 feels the same, I’m doing the same things I was doing a week ago haha. I’m sure ill change my mind in a few weeks haha.
Jon Archer - Indy gap to street
So how long have you been riding, and when did you become a part of Friendly?
I started riding around early January, late February 2010. Umm around the end of 2010 was when I started riding often with the friendly dudes, were all mad homies now.
Alex Collins - Switch Frontboard
I heard you guys are planning on making a full length video, how’s that coming along? Who’s throwing down the hardest?
You heard right man, yeah it’s coming along well so far were all getting clips and being productive. Good question, its really hard to pick since everyone is shredding so hard, keep an eye out for one of our homies Brad Mcmanus though, his part for sure is going to surprise alot of people, he sends himself down anyyyyyything.
Who says briflips are just for park riders?
Brad McManus - Briflip

You’re one of the few riders that many would consider as strictly street. What influenced you to ride the way you do? Did you ride park first? or were always into street from the beginning?
I’ve ridden street since the beginning, its so bloody fun. My early influences came from skateboarding, skaters like Jerry Hsu, Leo Romero and Andrew Reynolds. Don’t get me wrong I have fun riding park too, especially bowls and minis half pipes.
How do you feel about the majority of Australia being park riders? Do you think kids are gonna start riding more street as they get older or just continue being park rats?
I don’t really mind, I just wish park riders would actually start using the whole park and shredding bowls instead of doing endless halfpipe runs. Yeah in the future I hope to see more dudes shredding street, I think it will start to even out.
Jon Archer - Wallplantin

I definitely agree with you on that one, I’d love to see some more flowy bowl runs. What kind of spots do you like to ride?, Are there any places outside of Australia you wanna travel to for riding?
Everything, I enjoy all terrains of street.Yeah I want to hit up Barcelona and America in the future, the spots at both of those places are crazy compared to down here.
Any shout outs or last words? Yeah for sure, shout out to Scooterhut and Tilt, Friendly and all the homies out there shredding. Cheers for the interview Matt!
There you have it lads, take a page out of Friendly’s book and go against the grain. Gather all your homies together and do something productive. Find abandoned spots, make em your own, go on some filming missions and enjoy the good vibes. Make sure to follow them on facebook as I’m sure they’ll have plenty of photo/video updates on their up coming video “Lux.” Until next issue, keep shreddin!
Cheers to Aaron Brandson & Geordie McAleer for taking these photos!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LARS michelsen

Been a lot of posts today, so here's my last photo from the trip to Copenhagen.  The viking LARS! with a frontside 3 at the Dream Spot.  Tiger on the VX cENN.

- McKeen

Basic Bunch

I've been keeping an eye on the Basic Bunch for awhile now, they got the right idea...Here's a video sent to us from Ben Kowalski.

- McKeen

Just Be Steez

 After a hazy week away in Christiania, the Hootigh killa Brandon James, filmed an edit with his hometown crew from England, JBS (Just Be Steez).  Some smooth stylish riding as usual from the lad.  Looking forward to see some other projects from these guys.  Ollie Thompson hinted that they got something lined up for this summer. Stay lurkin!

- McKeen

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Urban Art products are hitting shelves as we speak and the crew are always hittin the streets. they released this video for you to enjoy while you wait for the local shops to receive the product. enjoyy. -Peasley

A rare elusive street video from New Jersey

Yes, you read the title correctly.  I know it's unheard of but, kids are actually out in the streets of New Jersey, trendkillin!! This video was sent to us by Mike DeJong, just a bunch of homies out having fun.  Check er out.

- McKeen

Monday, May 27, 2013

Slovakian Slayin'

Juraj Klas sent us this short video of some young shredders out in Slovakia.  Stoked to see some solid riding from Eastern Europe! Peep it!

Amigos from Cervotoc on Vimeo.

- McKeen

Sunday, May 26, 2013


     This week we have these bunch of doods rippin up there local DYI, looks like a chill spot to kick er with  the hommies. bunch of goodies in here. Remember to summit your videos by messaging our Facebook.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Prepare for the Carnage

Summer is just around the corner, new Trendkill projects are about to take hold. Prepare yourself for some gnarly updates in the coming weeks!! While you dwell on that here's some guest artwork from our talented friend, Olivier Poinsignon.  

- McKeen

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No Education. - Hep Greg

Heres a gnarly throw away from Hep Greg, i honestly wouldnt know it was throw away if i didnt read the video info, pree fuckin siickk. good tunes too.

No Education. from Hep Greg on Vimeo.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Lewis Arsenault

Lewis is a local shredder here in Nova scotia, the dood has a raw style that kills and is also a torn alc veteran from a heavy slam last season. this is just the tip of the gnar burg of how hard the dood shreds. hes doing it right comming back with this pree game edit and you can look forward to seeing more from him. -Peasley

Sunday, May 19, 2013


lets get some fun feel good vibey shit goin on dood/doodets. Were gonna share our stoke a little bit more! we just want to crack a smile and see killers having fun. Soo send in your videos viva our facebook "trendkill scooters" remember... here at trendkill we use the good ol fashion fun meter! so we dont give a shit!
So have fun! get weird and enjoy the stoke of the mayhem you unleash.

Hers a video that got sent to us and the dood kills it! got a good mindset of tricks, which go together in a combo or just a line. enjoying er all the through while he does so, here is the man himself Parrish Isaacs.

Planet Coping - Vol. 3

Want to watch a shit ton of gnarly grinds in the wonderfull planet of coping. enjoy

Planet Coping - Vol. 3 from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Black Sabbath - End of the Beginning

Here at trendkill we post what were stoke on! so of course when sabbath comes out with something we gotta post it! when it first came on i was rushin around trying finish up supper with the grill blazing n the shrooms in the pan sizzling... i was pissed but i wasnt the pissed i wanted to hear the song... so i hammed the brews n waited.. fuck those basterds for talking. -Peasley

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Real MTX video ft. Addict x HooTigh x Others

while all the kiddies were being tucked into bed or gettin ice cream, all the homies were killing the park. throwin down hams, blapp blapp?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Space Oddity - Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is probability the coolest Canadian now. this dude while up in space aboard the International Space Station he covered and filmed Space oddity. i might prefer this version over bowie any day. -peasley

"Half A Decade In Scootering" A book by Dylan Kasson

Go over to blurb and support the hommie Dylan Kasson by buying a copy of his book. doods been shredin for a long time and been killing it in the photo scene also, alot of history in er to enjoy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jon Archer & Luke Maffesoni's Coastal Conquest

Tilt posted this siiickkk video of Jon and Luke juusst riippinn the cret to shreds. i could try to spoil it for you just to fill up text place but mckeen told me "This video right here is the definition for what Trendkill stands for" so ill leave it at that. enjoy er -Peasley

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maxime Legrand vs Mikael Parman GAME OF SCOOT

recently in france these 2 got a game o scoot going! 16 min of battling. im keeping it short since what can i say? just gotta watch for yourself. -Peasley

9Th Montreux Scooter Contest 2013 - Official Video

The Annual Montreux scooter contest is always a weekend full a mayhem n fun. Tones of bangers being thrown down. Filmed/edited by the roots boy himself Sebastien Prot so you know its a ease to watch. -Peasley

Monday, May 6, 2013

Coedie Donovan - New Zealand Tour

Coedie is an killin A.T.V. shredder, dood will rip anything in front of him. watch er and enjoy.


The Armpit Slide with Blake Bailor

This bail video has been brought to you through a collaboration between myself, Travis House, and Hep Greg.  Double kinks take a lotta balls to jump on, Blake's wreck proves how much can go wrong, check it out.

- McKeen

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thomas fuckin Carbonnel

you want it? go get it!! Thomas is a warrior when it comes to hammers! Beast mode. -Peasley

Thursday, May 2, 2013

George Louis promodel!

  We seen draw ups of the urban art promodel graffics but nothing beats the dude holding it up proud!! were stoked for you dude! keep killing er!

photo cred: tyler Wheeland

Rumble in da Jungle 4 - Montreux!

Speak of the devil, the fun times from Montreux is leaking outt!! check er' out n enjoy the fun! -Peasley

HooTigh x ADDICT x Others in MTX Teaser

The yearly montreux comp is always pure mayhem of scooters taking over this beautiful hill side town of Montreux, Switzerland. always a good time riding and seeing the insane hammers getting thrown by riders comming together from different parts of the world. if your parents want to take a nice family vacation you should totally try to sneak it to them to go while the comp it going on! im stoked to watch this video when it comes out hopfully next week! -Peasley