Saturday, December 14, 2013

FinScooter DVD rundown with Helmeri Pirinen

Our Finnish bros have been working on a full length DVD for the past two years and it's finally complete!  I  haven't had the chance to watch it yet but I was lucky to witness some of the footage before it came out and I gotta say it was really refreshing to see the originality from these dudes!  I caught up with Helmeri to ask him more about the DVD and what went into the making of it.  

How long did you film for the FinScooter DVD?

We filmed this DVD over two years. We all are living far away from each other so it has been really hard to get everyone together and film. This whole project has been so great and it has been awesome to film and chill with the whole team. We filmed this with many sd cameras and we had about 10 filmers. Huge thanks to all!

Who has parts?

Antti Karppinen, Oliver Teder, Otto Märkjärvi and I have full parts.

Whose part is your favorite?

To be honest I can't choose my favorite part. Otto has edited the whole movie so good. Every part has personality and the music fits perfectly. We all have also very different style so it's hard to choose the best part.

Who put the most work into their part?

Everyone did great job there but I think that Antti had footage for two full parts or something haha. I have to give him some credit for that. Sometimes one single clip took almost few hours to get it done but no one didn't give up ever. Great guys indeed.

What kept you guys motivated in the harsh Finnish winters?

Good question! The winter is almost 6 months long here and it's impossible to ride outside during that time. Luckily we have our own indoor park now. During winter you can choose between ice hockey and beer. The beer was our 
choice haha.

Was it FinScooter beer?

Definitely it was! Without that magic drink we would't be able to survive. 100% real stuff!

How long is the video?

Total length is approximately 32min but Otto made super work with the editing so the movie feels like 5min long. Everything just works there and the feeling is so intense.

Why should we, the American people, be stoked to see it?!

Well in this movie we want to show how we see scootering. For us it's not competing or trying to be better than someone else. We just enjoy ride together and this is one big part of our life. Hopefully this DVD will help to open some eyes.  
Nowadays you can search good videos on Youtube so easily and it's not profitable to make dvd's anymore. That's a shame because in my opinion dvd is one of the best ways to build our culture around scootering. Hopefully kids will respect companies who put the effort for those huge projects. I'm sure that older riders will always understand the meaning of these but I'm not sure what younger riders think.
So yeah we offer you 32min street movie filmed with SD cameras and I promise that the footage is pure gold haha. You all should see this.

Any bonus features on the DVD?

Yes we have an extra montage there. It's a mix of our team riders, our flow-team riders and friends. You will see some clips for example from Matt McKeen, Alex Peasley, Johann Moreau, Coedie Donovan, Flavio Pesenti, Travis 
House, Madis Kukk... heh the list is long.

What’s next for FinScooter?

We will just chill few weeks now and then we start to plan our Winter Jams. It will be organized at our indoor park Valli and it will be held probably in February or March. You guys will see some edits from our team for sure and of course we will surprise you all somehow next year.
Finally I want to thank all the riders, filmers and other people who have helped us to make this project happen. Our sport needs these culture pieces for keeping the whole puzzle together. Keep shredding and have fun!



Be sure to add the FinScooter DVD to your collection, this one is a keeper!

- McKeen

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Philly Files Coming Soon!

Sorry for the lack of real updates , we've been caught up in trying to put out our first full length video, The Philly Files.  If you're an east coast native you can understand how fucked it is trying to finish a video in the midsts of winter.  It's in the final stages though, a few clips here and there, a little editing and you will all have your minds wasted after viewing our urban masterpiece.  Here's some recent flicks for shameless self promotional purposes.  

By the way, don't think we're slowing down.  We have many evil mastermind plans for the upcoming 2014.  You will back.

- McKeen