Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Andrew Broussard in Mega Case

We have a gnarly set of slams from Proto owner Andrew Broussard for this latest Trendkill bail video.  Andrew was out at Woodward West a few weeks back and got a chance to session the Mega.  Although many would consider Andrew a seasoned vet when it comes to these ramps, he decided to hit the 70 footer.  A gap that only few have dared to blast over.  Unfortunately he came up short…several times. 

- McKeen

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nate Gendron 2014

Nate has been filming for this video for quite some time, I've been on four or five trips with him over the past couple of months to film clips for it, and we have become super good friends over this past year.  Nate is a super rad dude and he eats a lot of shit pretty much every time he rides.  I hope you guys all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed hanging out with Nate and doing what we all love doing, exploring and documenting our obscure travels through and interpretation of modern architecture.  

much love,  -Parrish