Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Philly Files | Leftovers | Coon Tee's back on sale

We wrap up the Philly Files saga with our last dump of unused & raw footage.  I scourged my computer clean of everything Philly.  Hope you guys enjoy.  

R.I.P. Fish House

Most of you already know but the Fish House has disbanded.  The Coon and her family have long since been evicted.  Logan, Greg, and I have moved to separate locations along the east coast.  It's a bummer but there's no need to pout, we will continue on, uniting all crews of all ages to make more full lengths...and a bowl jam here n there.

The Coons are back

In other news, the Coon Tee's are back! and we have a limited run of XXL for all you fat skinny kids out there.  Shirts will also be available at Fin Scooter in Helsinki & Supreme Scooters in the U.K.  Aussie and other Europeans will soon follow!  Head over to the bigcartel to cop a shirt if you're in the U.S. We'll make another post when the other Coon Tee's have made it overseas. 

- McKeen