Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jonathan Krabbe

Jonathan is from Norway, in the far northern part of Europe.  The Scandinavian scene is super sick and there are a lot of awesome riders from there.  Jonathan is one of those awesome riders.  His trick selection is super tasteful and his style is wild and loose.  We're stoked to have his part featured on Trendkill, and I also asked him a few questions to go along with his part. 
Parrish is in orange and Jonathan is in white
Where are you from, how long have you been riding, and do you have any sponsors?
I am from Oslo, Norway.  I’m 18 years old and have been riding since I was 14.  I ride for the Norwegian scootershop Leo’s Scooter Parts and I’m also a member of the venture gang.  
And what got you into riding originally?
Outside my house there is this big ass parking lot, me and my friend used to jump around and do footplant 360s.  So i've always liked to have fun on a scooter and when I started in middle school I got my first trick scooter from a friend and have just never stopped.
So what is Norway like?  What is the culture there like?  What about the Architecture?
Cold as fuck, culture-wise we have a lot of good places to go, especially music-wise.  The spots are often very sketchy, because our construction workers never do their job right.  But they are unique in their own way, just like every other country.  And it’s much safer over here, so security is rarely a problem.
What are your biggest influences in riding?
The Danish homies have had a big influence on me.  The Venture crew flew down there and rode with Johan Grunwald, Hugo Svare, and Phillip Haj the summer after we started the crew.  They showed us a way of scootering I had never seen before.  And Colin Provost is also the best skater in the world, not to mention Norwegian skaters, they rip.
Awesome, those Danish guys are definitely rad.  And then what is scootering to you?  What do you like most about it?
I ask myself that question every day but i can never come up with a short answer to it.  The only thing I am sure about is that I love to do it.  But I will say that i think of my scooter kinda like my instrument of choice, and scootering is a way to express yourself through the streets.  You all know that shit is hard to explain. But the thing i like the most is maybe the feeling you get when you fall and you know there is now way you are leaving there without trying one more time.

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