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John Cottle, formally known as Jcott, or just Cott, is a staple to the east coast scene. Known to travel all over in search of cutty spots and good times, but is usually found in NYC working on the new ScooYork video, or showing visitors around and helping them get clipped up. Cott is always hooking up the homies with VX1 clips and keeping vibes while out filming top notch and fun. Jcott is a good friend of mine and we're stoked to have his part up on Trendkill! I picked his brain a little as well, as is fitting for the release of his part.

John is in orange and Parrish is in white
How does a normal day in NYC start for you?
Most days start off sobering up at the bagel hole on 7th Ave, then meeting up with the crew at a park to warm up.  Riding in New York is way more than just showing up at a spot and and getting a clip.  The best part is mobbing the streets through traffic, cruising over bridges, and hunting for spots with the homies.

Who are the homies you're usually riding with in nyc?
I'm glad you asked because I have so many friends I ride with who don't get enough recognition in New York
Trevor pritchard, Erik Deptula, Mankong, Yara Haynes, Bryant Colon, Mike Anesini, Jonathan Acosta, Salvador Gonzales, Eric Harkless, Mario Bowers, Zack Clark, Shawn McHugh…  I know I'm missing more, but you'll have to see when the ScooYork full length comes out haha.  Besides Trevor and Shawn, I met most of them at the first NYC street jam in 2012.

So where are you from originally, and how'd you start scootering? I'm from northern New Jersey, lived here my whole life.  I used to skate in middle school but In highschool I met a good friend of mine, Anthony, who introduced me to scootering.  I would ride his pro model at the skatepark until I finally made the switch.  I was really lucky to meet other scooter riders in my area when I first started, Trevor and Shawn.  They showed me the scooterresource forum, where I got to see how big the community was, and I was straight hooked.
SR was soo lit, the mecca haha.  When did you start filming scootering? SR was the shit, too bad insta took over.  I actually bought my vx1 the same year I started riding, and she's been treating me good ever since.  I guess before scootering I was always influenced by pissdrunx/baker/beagle and all that, so of course I wanted to film SD, It just looks right to me.  I was always hyped to film and edit, making video is a big part of it for me.  I used to look forward to posting a new edit in the video gallery on sr to see everyone's comments, I wish it was still like that haha.
But isn't it kinda even more like that now, with instagram? I don’t know about all that haha, different vibes.  Instagram is like a popularity contest or something.  Not to mention its disposable, everything is forgotten in two days.  But I guess it's cool how everyone is connected at the same time.
So like obviously the remedy for the insta culture is releasing content that strays away from the constant stream of near-meaningless shit, so what are you guys working on now in NYC? I've been putting a lot of work into this ScooYork full length.  I try to come out at least every weekend to get shit done.  I feel like everybody generally thinks the east coast slacks, especially NYC; In reality a lot of us are actually out riding in the streets more than anyone else.  There's a lot of talent that needs to be recognized.  I want this full length to show how alive the New York scene really is and basically what the fuck we've been up to the past year or so.  

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